Winners of the 2005 Sydney Fish Market Seafood Excellence Awards.

  • Seafood Industry Producer Award

    Presmint Pty Ltd – Eden, NSW

  • Seafood Icon Award

    Australia Bay Seafoods – Fisherman’s Wharf, Darwin, NT

  • Environmental Award

    Barramundi Blue Aquaculture – Bemerside, QLD

  • Best Supplier (Interstate or Overseas)

    OPC Fish and Lobster, New Zealand

  • Seafood Restaurant

    Bretts Wharf Seafood Restaurant – Hamilton, QLD

  • Seafood Training Awards

    Aboard Training Australia Pty Ltd – Frank Lee Services – Bribie Island, QLD

  • Research and Development

    Australian Seafood Co-products – Queenscliff, VIC

  • Seafood Industry Promotion Award

    Darwin Seafood Festival 2004 – Darwin, NT

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